Dynamic Commercial and Social Relationship between Canada and India

"Canada and India enjoy a dynamic commercial and social relationship and share a commitment to democracy and pluralism. Canada remarkable and significant Indo-Canadian community is a driving force behind increasing the commercial and social ties between our two great nations.”

  Prime Minister StephenThe new Global Markets Action Plan is a strategy that responds to the needs of Canadian exporters and to the realities of international business in the future. It provides exporters with the tools they need to succeed abroad. It will be instrumental in supporting business growth and JOBS IN communities across Canada."

Jayson Myers, President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & ExportersThe evolution of Canada’s foreign trade zone policies and programs is critical to the continued growth of our economy, and [the Foreign Trade Zone Coalition] welcomes the leadership the federal government has shown in building Canada’s gateways by taking concrete steps we believe will grow Canada’s international competitive capacity."Foreign Trade Zone Coalition

The Prime Ministers recognized that bilateral business and commercial linkages constitute key drivers of the wide ranging India-Canada partnership. In this regard, Prime Minister Harper commended Prime Minister Modi for his forward-looking vision of energizing the Indian economy and welcomed the policy measures and specific initiatives taken to improve the ease of doing business in India

The Prime Ministers reaffirmed the need to elevate two-way trade and investment linkages to their full potential. They agreed to pursue specific measures to diversify and deepen bilateral trade and investment cooperation to increase the two way flow of goods and services.

The Prime Ministers noted the significant opportunities available to expand bilateral trade and investment in energy and resources as well as related technologies and services. They welcomed efforts underway to deepen cooperation on energy through the Canada-India Ministerial Energy Dialogue and other mechanisms, and agreed to encourage enhanced commercial cooperation between companies in the energy sector

 The Prime Ministers noted the socio-economic opportunities inherent in India’s ambitious goals of skills development. In this regard, they welcomed the 13 MoUs between the National Skill Development Council of India and 13 Canadian colleges, institutes, and Sector Skills Councils in the fields of agriculture, apparel and textiles, automotive, aviation, construction, green economy, healthcare, hydrocarbons, IT, telecom and electronics, sports sector, and water.

 The Prime Ministers reaffirmed the importance of intensifying and facilitating bilateral collaboration in the area of agriculture and agrifood, including continued collaboration in fertilizers, as well as in the fields of cold chain management, animal development, dryland farming, food processing technologies and agricultural sustainability