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Trade Show 2017
CII EXPO is a Special Event Registered With CIC (16CIIE) | Get a Chance to Win Free Air Tickets to India | Two Lucky Winners Will Have a Chance to Win Free Air Tickets to India in a Lucky Draw at India-Canada International Expo at Our Expo Venues Vancouver and Toronto | Lucky Exhibitor Winners Prizes | Two Lucky Exhibitors Will Have a Chance to Win LUCKY EXHIBITOR PRIZES in a Lucky Draw at India-Canada International Expo.

Hon. Nadir Patel

High Commissioner
for Canada to India,
Ambassador of Canada to Bhutan,
Ambassador of Canada to Nepal

Hon. Christy Clark

Premier and President of Executive Council British Columbia

Hon. Rachel Notley

Premier of Alberta

Welcome to CII Expo 2017

It is a privilege to invite your organization to participate in the "2017 Canada-India International Expo (CII EXPO)," which will be held in the most advanced cities of Canada (Vancouver and Toronto).

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Look at what our Hon. Deepak Obhrai
(Member of Parliament for Calgary Forest Lawn)
saying about CII EXPO 2016.

Look at what MP Darshan Kang
(Member of Parliament for Calgary Skyview) saying about CII EXPO 2016.



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Exhibition Cities


India/Canada Trade Highlights

Canada’s Trade with India (C$)

           January - December January - December
2013 2014 2014 2015
Exports 2,740,683,000 3,159,544,000 3,159,544,000 4,214,166,000
Imports 2,976,497,000 3,181,222,000 3,181,222,000 3,946,504,000
Trade Balance -235,814,000 -21,678,000 -21,678,000 267,662,000

Canada’s Merchandise Trade with India, 2015

Canadian Imports from India Canadian Exports to India
Merchandise Classification % Merchandise Classification %
1. Boilers, mechanical appliances, etc. 8.43 Edible vegetables, roots and tubers 36.06
2. Mineral fuels, oils 6.91 Pearls, precious stones or metals 12.33
3. Pearls, precious stones or metals 6.75 Fertilizers 8.59
4. Organic chemicals 6.41 Ores, slag and ash 8.33
5. Woven clothing and apparel articles 5.66 Paper and paperboard 6.22
6. Pharmaceutical products 5.47 Mineral fuels, oils 4.28
7. Iron or steel articles 5.06 Boilers, mechanical appliances, etc. 4.28
8. Other textile articles, etc. 4.45 Aircraft and spacecraft 4.28
9. Knitted or crocheted apparel 4.16 Woodpulp; paper or paperboard scraps 4.17
10. Electrical machinery and equipment 3.64 Electrical machinery and equipment 1.68
Top 10 as % of Total from India 56.94 Top 10 as % of Total To India 90.23
Indian Imports as % of Cdn Total 0.74 Indian Exports as % of Cdn Total 0.88
Total Canadian Imports from India (C$) 3,946,504,000 Total Canadian Exports to India (C$) 4,214,166,000

Canada - India Bilateral Trade

(Source: Statistics Canada)

Source: Trade Data Online. Industry Canada. February 25, 2016.

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